7 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence That Is Very Advanced

7 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence That Is Very Advanced

Some applications of Artificial Intelligence that we are using daily are Siri, Netflix, Spotify, and others.

AI has created some robots that can easily play poker, chess, and other games and better than human being are playing.

A new application of Artificial Intelligence is developing daily and bringing a new world that is better for humans.

AI brings a new future that will change our way of living and doing work that we never imagined. Here is the seven very advanced application of AI.

1. Latest Musical Hit

AI is helping to create hit songs such as a new song is produce which ranked at number 4 on the iTunes Hot Tracks list. The name of the song is Not Easy, which is produced by Elle King, Ambassadors, and Wiz Khalifa.

This song depended on findings which are obtained by the massive data. AI is searching for millions of newspaper titles, lectures, and conversations, which is dependent on the theme of song heartbreak.

First of all, Artificial Intelligence will define the theme, and then the machine learning algorithm program can quickly create the song. And this song is produced from the different musical element which gave ideas to AI that how the piece should sound.

2. Chef Will Have The Most Recipes In The Globe

Nowadays, the image has a new function, which is a virtual chef which help you to cook food efficiently — virtual chef guide you to cook food and assist you in each step to prepare the recipe.

According to Chef Watson, Artificial Intelligence will help you to create the recipe which depends on ingredients which already have with you.

An algorithm of the virtual chef will help the people to prepare the dishes with your ingredients. The virtual chef also gives many options then you can select the recipe whichever you want along with instructions on how to make a recipe.

3. Self Driving Cars

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Can you ever heard that cars drive without any driver who has trained through automatic learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Tesla has released the self-driving vehicle, which is the automotive brand and then Volvo, Audi, and Cadillac develops its models. Uber has made the self-driving truck which can efficiently deliver 50,000 beer.

4. The Fortuneteller Can Easily Know About You

In the future, Artificial Intelligence will quickly know about the human being. Some examples of recognized affair that human may have overlooked.

AI can easily predict that any person is gay or straight through the photographs of the persons face.

Stanford University has found out the best algorithm which can quickly identify the human beings that which person is gay and which one is not with 80% accuracy.

Facebook is using AI bots, which can easily save human beings living at the risk of committing suicide.

In the United States, the Fast Company explains and announced the pilot project, which is used AI to identify the Facebook post that specifies suicidal propensity.

AI technology of Facebook has identified the 100 cases which required involvement. It is complicated to predict or anticipate this level of accuracy.

If you are thinking to quit your current job, then AI can quickly know it before anyone knows. International Business Machines Corporation has a solution that use predictive analytics to identify employees problems.

This solution can easily find the common factors that affect its staff quite by creating a score for the workers.

5. Photographs Become Purchases

Many of the times, if people have seen something and they like it, then they take a photo to find it in the stores.

Amazon and Flipkart have become the prominent platform of e-commerce, and they have also incorporated a visual search option on the mobile application.

Just take the photo of the product which you like to buy, then this website will show you something very identically and similarly. Then Purchase the product, and it will be already in your hands.

AI is helping the people very much, and it saves time and effort of human beings, and it makes the transaction between seeing the product and purchasing it quickly.

6. Healthcare Will Become More Developed

Many of the healthcare institutions have adopted the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Now, hospitals have become more developed and advanced.

Some year before, in the field of healthcare, not proper development is taking place, but now, lots of development take place in the field of medicine.

Now, because of Artificial Intelligence healthcare startups and medical laboratories is developed. AI has also developed diagnostic tools and equipment.

Many of the experts and researchers have developed software that can quickly find out which disease is present in your body with the aid of DNA or blood sample.

As per the National Academy of medicine, many of the incorrect diagnoses are taking place because of medical malpractice and U.S. patient mortality.

Because of this reason and incorrect diagnoses, Artificial Intelligence has to do lots of things to improve the outcomes and decrease the cost of the medicines.

If you have windows laptop or PC and you can’t know how to screenshot on windows then go to this website. This website will help you to quickly take a screenshot on windows and also give you lots of information about new and advanced technology.

7. A Better globe

Some of the people are being afraid of Artificial Intelligence and asking themselves that we will lose our jobs. You should think positive things about AI that it can do a better idea for humans.

It will change the way human beings are working, talking, and interacting with each other and doing their daily works. It will also change lots of things, such as communication, entertainment, treatment, etc.

It is saving natural resources and preventing the adverse effects that menace the life of human beings and animal. Artificial Intelligence helps people to avoid future damage and understand how to protect our ecosystem.

The Microsoft companies are already using Artificial Intelligence to study land-use patterns with a terrain map.

With the help of deep understanding, Artificial Intelligence is making a better decision on the use of land and also apply the proper conservation techniques. Scientists will be using the information obtained to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity.


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