alibaba’s shopping event sales hit $1 billion in 85 seconds Here’s how its done?


Chinese company Ali Baba has set its new record in Online shopping. This company has broken the last year’s record on their Global shopping Festival “single’s Day”. This year, this company has sold stuff worth 30-8 Million Dollars across 230 countries in 24Hours which is 27% more as compared to the sale they achieved in 2017 which was around 3-25 Million Dollars.

alibaba’s shopping event

Customers have spent 1 Million Dollars in 1 hour and more than 10 Million Dollars in 1 hour. This year Apple, GAP and Nike have sold its items in a comparatively large number.

Alibaba’s shopping event is expensive in 2018

Ali Baba has to face a lot of things too, this year. Items have got quite expensive due to the increased amount of American Taxes. Even Chinese Yuan had no fixed rate like it was last year. Regardless of these circumstances, Ali Baba has done such an amazing job.


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