Babar Azam & Virat Kohli- Who Is The Better Batsman?

Babar Azam & Virat Kohli- Who Is The Better Batsman?

Everyone agrees with this that Indian team consists of best players like Virat Kohli, which is a modern-day legend. Indian team relies heavily on a captain, no matter what is the format.

Pakistani team has Babar Azam which also the finest and best player of a Pakistani cricket team. His scores are clearly shown his efforts at this young age. He is the best player when he is on a song.
The stats of Babar in limited formats is unbelievably good while he settles as the longest format of the game.

Babar Azam has played 59 ODI matches, his scores about 2462 runs at an average of 51.29. let us compare this number with Virat Kohli.

The numbers for both player after 59 ODIs.

Both of the players have impressive scores at the end of 59 one day matches for their respective countries. Babar Azam scores are slightly better than Kohli scores. It remains to be seen if he continues his efforts to stay ahead of Indian captain.
Kohli didn’t start his career with good scores and efforts, however, his scores improve after the 2 year of joining cricket team, which was the good change in his career field.

While the world compares Babar with Kohli on their performance bases than there is a slight difference between their performances. The batsman from Pakistan believes that there is a long way to go for their comparisons.
People compare Babar with Kohli but he is a very big player. He said that I don’t think that I am the player of Kohli competitor, I just started out career and want to achieve a lot. According to him,  if my performance is best and at a high level then you can compare your own but still I said that there is no comparison.


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