PTA increases Deadline for mobile phone registration

PTA increases Deadline for mobile phone registration

According to the recommendations of the Senate Standing Committee, PTA extends the timeline of our mobile phones for some days,

The Senate body of telecommunication and information technology manages the IT minister and PTA to hit the last date of registration until the online portal doesn’t come.

An issue creates from MoIT on this based by which PTA will notify all the user for the extended date of smartphone registration.

What does committee explain?

On Tuesday committee meet with representatives of Ministry of IT Rubina Khalid,  PTA and members of this description about the how efficient is the process of collecting data on cell phones upon arrival of all the airports.

PTA now officially informed all the committee that for overseas Pakistani the online portal registration is completed and necessary for all, and people have to visit customs offices for listing or paying any tax for that mobile devices until the launch of web-based online registration.

The launch of an online web registration portal is launch on January 25 according to the Senate.

The committee already tells us about the trial and uses of this system before launch.

The committee also recommends another device until this web-based registration doesn’t launch. Federal edral minister of IT Khalid Maqbool believes that committee reconsidered this matter.

Briefing from the federal board informed us that the Cabinet divisions require to moving data summary to the federal cabinet, while the committee was seeking another r extension.

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