Ecommerce business in Pakistan jumps by 93% in 2018

Ecommerce business in Pakistan jumps by 93% in 2018

According to SBP data, local and international sales went from 20.7 billion to 40.1 billion in 2017 and 2018. A 93.7 per cent increase in sales. But this increase was only in transactions made through debit/credit cards, bank fund transfers, mobile wallets, etc. According to market estimates postpaid cash on delivery makes about 80 to 90 per cent of the increase and approximately 60% of Pakistan e-commerce.

Adding these figures to the e-commerce sales of 2017 and 2018, the estimated sales would be around 51.8 billion and 99.3 billion respectively.

E-commerce: Transforming the retail business to Online business

Many leading companies in Pakistan now have many e-retailing channels. But the online marketplace system is more established in the e-commerce model

Online platforms allow many buyers and sellers to have dealings and transactions. Data analysis, quick deals and payment platforms are the efficacy benefits of reduced searching and contractual costs achieved because of computerised systems and digital infrastructure.

Mostly e-commerce places are only sites for goods of daily use as and similar sites which allow you to shop anything from anywhere in the world online just from a single click, or food delivery as FoodPanda (allowing you to order from any available restaurant available in your area easily at any time without having to put extra efforts to search for restaurants individually and search for their numbers to place orders without even knowing if they’re even opened at that time or not) or other services for ride-hailing and transportation as Uber, Careem or Razicar providing you comfortable transports at your doorstep without even having to go out and search for it.

Furthermore, there are online information and financial mediators which help sell property such as land and automobiles as where you can sell or buy anything whether it’s your automobile, electronics, furniture, property or beauty products or other sites providing information regarding jobs too as They earn profits through ads, making contacts and taking commissions.

ecommerce players

They also fill in information gaps. Over the last few years, there has been a great boom in e-commerce activities throughout Pakistan. Increased use of the internet, ease in business dealings and low costs of transactions have led buyers and sellers to shift to online systems. So far business to the customer has been the central part of e-commerce in Pakistan which has eventually opened doors for business to business e-commerce as well.


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