After flying Cars, Flying motorbike hoverbike has been introduced


Moscow: Russian company has introduced this airborne flying motorbike “hoverbike” using the latest technology.
After drones and flying cars, now get ready to be enjoying this ride of a flying bike because this famous technology company has made this dream of riding bikes in air true.
Along with the designs modifications in this S3-hoverbike, safety systems have also been installed.

flying bike flying bikeFlying motorbike Hoverbike Features

Hoverbike has unique key features of which stability during flight, automatic landing and takeoff, Electric safety system, Emergency landing, sound and vision system are a part of.
This aircraft can maintain its 60km/hour speed while flying above 16ft(5m) above Earth’s surface and this speed limit has made legally permissible in every country.flying bike flying bike
Even Dubai police have bought hoverbike whose main objective is to make the city aware of new petitions.


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