How to connect Wi-Fi without password (1000% working method)

How to connect Wi-Fi without password (1000% working method)

There are many methods to connect mobile with Wi-Fi without any password. We will discuss two methods to connect Wi-Fi without any password on any mobile.

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WPS Button:

Every router of Wi-Fi comes with LEDs on which lights are blinging fastly. It has a panel on the backside on which WPS button is located. It is amazing that presses it once and can connect to any mobile without any password. WPS means Wi-Fi Protector Setup.

Now we can let you know how to connect any mobile with Wi-Fi without any Password. If you forgot the Wi-Fi password of your own device then we tell you this difficult solution today. Go to your Mobile Settings and screw again on Wi-Fi icon. You will see some options in which you have to click on the WPS Push Button again. Then your mobile will show the WPS Setup on which will be written as;

Tap the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on your router. It may be called WPS or contain two opposite sides of Commas like this symbol ‘’

It will look on the source of Wi-Fi. You only have to press WPS button once again from the backside of router.  The lights will blings rapidly on the LED of Wi-Fi router. So the mobile will automatically take the setup of router and will show the link of TP, then you click OK. You can see the internet connected on mobile without taking any password. This is a way you can connect any Wi-Fi without any password.

GWPA Finder App:

Another way in which we can use the internet anywhere in two minutes in the world. This is not a hacking but it is a real method. If you want Wi-Fi connection to your mobile, you just need to install an App called GWPA Finder from the playstore of mobile. The 60 to 70 percent chances that you will get the internet connection without any password. If you live in a big city or populated area, there are 90 percent chances to connect any Wi-Fi on your mobile. After installing the GWPA Finder, open it. There are some terms and conditions to make them allow and made your mobile location done. Always possibly secure devices can be connected; unsupported devices will never be connected.

Click on the possibly secure device which is shown on your mobile screen. There will be SSID and BSSID in written form.  SSID means the Wi-Fi device name. BSSID will have password, leaves the first four digits and start writing next digits in the password.

For Example, it will show the digits like this:

20; 40; 35; 96; 28; 60

For Example, If the last two digits are 60, then always 1 will be minus like this 60-1=59. So 59 will be writing as last two digits in replacement with 60.  Then write as “35962859” in the place of password entering and Wi-Fi will automatically connect on your mobile phone.


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