How to Import Bulk material from China to Pakistan from Alibaba

How to Import Bulk material from China to Pakistan from Alibaba

Alibaba is the largest eCommerce company in the world if you want to import any product from china.  It’s also the most comprehensive directory that connects suppliers with buyers from all over the world. Alibaba literally has millions of products from hundreds of thousands of suppliers so there’s not much you won’t find on the directory.

Ways to Import Products from China:

There are three ways to import products from china in Pakistan.

  • First way is through online
  • Second way in which you go into a country, buy products and import through shipping
  • Third one way is through agent in which agent introduced about products. If you like the products, agent will deal with Alibaba and give you final price of products and withdraw his commission.

Alibaba Company at International level:

In International level, the use of Alibaba is much higher because it does not have to pay commission of agent and you can see enough variety too. If you need any product, you can search on site of Alibaba that give you multiple Quotations and lowest prices. Alibaba’s site specifies a range of prices. For example, range of mobile charger will be in range $2-$4 and range of mobile price will depend upon mobile brand and mobile specifications

Minimum Order Quantity:

Alibaba offers a supplier that set a value that is caller Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). The suppliers tell us that if you have to buy products from me, at least you will have to buy 100 or 200 products.

Rating value of Suppliers:

There is also the rating value of every supplier who tells us how long he has been doing work with Alibaba. Good suppliers are working for 11 or 12 years, it shows that the supplier is trusted. You have to take at least one sample from suppliers by fastest shipping DHL to compare product quality later. Money can also be refunded, if the next product does not come or come with lower quality, you can claim Alibaba Company. Remember that whenever you have to contact with a supplier, do it on Alibaba site. Always select good ranking supplier that deals at reasonable price.

There are three ways for payment to seller, through

  • Credit Card / Debit Card
  • Echecking
  • TT

In TT, you send money to Alibaba’s account and when you verify the products, money is transferred to the supplier’s account. TT is a secured method but it may be very expensive. The best way is that you request the suppliers to ship product in Pakistan. He will take a quotation from shipment Company to charge how much charges you have to pay for shipping in Pakistan.

Custom Clearing Agent:

After reaching products in Pakistan, you have to hire Custom Clearing Agent. The supplier will bring the products to Custom Clearing Agent’s warehouse. The supplier will tell you, how much money will be taken per product. Whatever, products are bigger in the volume; you have to pay charges for it per CBM. Finally, products will reach you in Pakistan.



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