Jazz internet packages 2018 [3G/4G] daily, weekly & monthly


Introduction of Jazz Internet Packages

Mobile is the greatest invention of the modern century and has taken over our lives drastically. It is not only a device for communication but it is our telephone index, calculator, library, radio, music library, social media user and the list goes on. To enjoy all these services we need to have a secure network. Many service providers are currently working in Pakistan but few could provide best and reliable service. Mobilink Jazz has become Pakistan largest mobile operator with more than 55 million subscribers nationwide with its fastest Jazz internet packages. Jazz is serving nation from past two decades and it has maintained its quality through its innovative communication skills and leading range of digital value-added services.

As the country’s prominent mobile operator and digital firm, it is our aim to invest millions more with the tools required for the advancement of the digital economy. The first step is to offer uninterrupted countrywide connectivity in the shape of tailored & modified tariff plans that motivate customers and accommodate the communication prerequisites of a varied group of people.


Blending our integrated communications services with capitals and proficiency, Jazz wants to bring about a digital revolution that will not only link millions more but empower and convert societies towards a more advanced Pakistan.

Where other networks are unable to connect Jazz is available there. On far-off mountains, highways, small villages, yet we are on more than thousands region in Pakistan. More than 31.6 million are connected every second through Jazz due to our enhanced voice quality and broad coverage. Jazz provide international roaming over 140 countries. Jazz has also become the first internet provider as well it is offering the fastest internet facilities at reasonable rates. Jazz internet packages are best when compare to any other network provider. Jazz never compromises on quality, so Jazz is also the winner of PTA fastest 3G competition. Jazz internet packages are offered on daily, weekly and monthly basis and h have 10 MHz 3G/4G Spectrum.

There are 50 million customers, who are going to combine into a single forum, and it’s an age of internet and improving lifestyle, people are joining networks to get better and fast internet, and Jazz is a fastest 3G provider in Pakistan. Let’s explore Jazz net Packages 3G and 4G. I am describing every Jazz 3G and 4G net Package offered by the company.

Jazz daily internet packages

Jazz offers 2G, 3G and 4G Data packages on daily and even hourly basis and customers can choose according to their requirements. All prices are inclusive of taxes. These packages are specially designed for those customers who want to keep in touch with friends and family through social sites like twitter, facebook and WATS app. Below are the jazz internet packages for daily validity


Bucket Name PriceVolumeValidity
Jazz DailyRs1250MBS24hours
Daily SocialRs750 MBS for facebook and Wats App only24hours
Daily SMS Whats App PackageRs5.9810MBs for Whats App only24hours
Daily Social Recursive PackageRs5


200MB for Facebook & WhatsApp24hours
Daily Data BundleRs20100MB for 24 hours, 1100MB for24hours
Daily BrowserRs1050MB24hours
Internet Hourly ExtremeRs172000MBNext2 hours


Jazz 3 Day internet Packages

Very attractive packages are designed for those who enjoy internet browsing. These packages are very reasonable and are popular among customer.

BUCKET NamePriceVolumeValidity
3 Day BrowserRs25100MB3Days
3 Day ExtremeRs18500MB3Days


Jazz weekly internet Packages

These weekly packages are very reasonable and are specially designed for those who want the internet most of the time. You can easily browse, download your favourite songs or use social networking sites you have enough MBs to enjoy all this. The package is valid for all 2G, 3G AND 4G networks; amazingly there is no time limitation.



Bucket NamePriceVolumeValidity
Jazz Weekly Browser PackageRs50300MBs7 Days
Jazz Weekly StreamerRs80700MBs7 Days
Weekly PremiumRs1102000MBs7 Days
Weekly MegaRs1604000MBs7 Days
Weekly Mega PlusRs2008000MB (5000MB for 24 hours till 7 days, 3000MB from 2:00 AM to 2:00 PM)7 Days
Weekly-ExtremeRs602500MB (Valid for 2:00 AM – 2:00 PM)7 Days




Jazz monthly internet packages

If you are bothered by recharging again and again, then you can take Jazz monthly bundles, they are not cheap but affordable and provide unlimited internet for a whole month. You have enough MBs to download, browse or use an unlimited supply of internet that too at the fastest speed.


Bucket NamePriceVolumeValidity
Jazz Monthly Browser PackageRs1602100MBs7 Days
Jazz Monthly Mega PackageRs3004200MBs7 Days
Jazz Monthly Premium PackageRs5007000MBs7 Days
Jazz Monthly Supreme PackageRs75012000MBs7 Days
Jazz Monthly Extreme Package


Rs1005000MBs7 Days
Jazz Monthly Mega PlusRs5007500MB7 Days


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Jazz offers you data SIM to use the unlimited supply of internet. Along with SIM, you get attractive bundles on these SIMS. They are specially designed to provide you the fastest speed.

Bucket NamePriceVolumeValidity
Monthly Internet Basic PackageRs99915GB30 Days
Monthly Internet RegularRs150036GB30 Days
Monthly Internet HeavyRs250075GB30 Days



Jazz cannot forget its postpaid internet user, as they are most special members of the Jazz internet packages family. Jazz have some very reasonable offers and these packages can be updated at any time.

Bucket NamePriceVolumeValidity
Monthly Streamer PackageRs3004GB30 Days
Monthly Premium PackageRs5005GB30 Days
Monthly Supreme PackageRs8008GB30 Days
Monthly Mega PackageRs120012GB30 Days
Monthly Ultimate PackageRs200025GB30 Days



  • All prices are inclusive of taxes.
  • Once packages due date are over, normal rates are being charged.
  • These packages provide all 2G, 3G and 4G services.
  • The bundle will be automatically restarted if your account has enough balance.
  • The speed of the internet depends on your place and the device you are using.
  • For further inquiries, you can contact the Jazz service centre

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