Murad Saeed earned Rs. 9.54 billion Revenue for Pakistan

Murad Saeed earned Rs. 9.54 billion Revenue for Pakistan

Muraad Saeed the federal minister of Pakistan post service and communication has achieved a high score in his earlier level of career. Now he holds a record of earning a fastest revenue for Pakistan.

Total Revenue for Pakistan

Under the ministry, both ministries earned record-breaking amount approximately Rs.9.54 billion in the last four months. Now he put his efforts on loss-making ministries into the profit one.

The income has been increased to Rs.4.32 billion by the ministry of communication and the revenue of Pakistan has increased up to 184% in this duration. The income generated through accountability initiatives in the ministry of communications.

Revenue of Pakistan Post Service

By the launching of these services like an export parcel, urgent mail, e-commerce and electronic money the revenue of Pakistan Post increases. The Rs.1.17 billion services fetched Pakistan Post Service revenue.

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The minister when taking the charge of Pakistan post has introduces many initiatives to turn around the conditions of departments.


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