Nokia 8.1 Vs Nokia 6.1

Nokia 8.1 Vs Nokia 6.1

Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 6.1 has some essential features by these features they categorized as the best phone like Nokia 8.1 has necessary features are as follows:

Nokia 8.1 RAM

Nokia 8.1 has 33% more RAM than Nokia 6. More the RAM more applications can run on the system at the same time. Nokia 6.1 has 3 GB Ram while 8.1 has 4GB RAM.

Nokia 8.1 big screen

Nokia 6.1 is 12% short screen than Nokia 8.1. Watching movies playing games are easier in Nokia 8.1 its screen resolution is about 1080*2246 pixels while Nokia 6.1 has a screen resolution of 1080*1920 pixels.

Nokia 8.1 camera

Nokia 8.1 has better performance than Nokia 6.1 it has a dual camera which enhancing the effects like blur, zoom and angle photos. The physical aperture of both of this camera is the same which is f/2.0 Nokia 6 has an image resolution of 4616*3464 pixels while Nokia 8.1 has 4000*3000 pixels which are higher than the other.

Nokia 8.1 storage capacity

Nokia  8.1 is 100% inbuilt memory larger than Nokia 6.1. More mind allows you to store more information, songs, images, apps, and data, and enable to install more application.N Nokia 8.1 has internal storage of 64GB while Nokia 6.1 has storage of 32 GB which is half the other. The both of these phones work on Octa-core. Nokia 8.1 uses Android v9.0 while Nokia 6.1 uses Android v8.1.

Nokia 8.1 Battery

Nokia 8.1 has 16% more battery capacity than the Nokia 6.1. More the battery size the more is the time, it also depends on various of the other factors. Nokia 6.1 has the battery of 3000maAH while Nokia 8.1 has the capacity of 3500mAH.

Nokia 6.1 also has some important feature one of the most important is about its price  Nokia 6.1 is less in price and available in Pakistan in range of 16,999 while Nokia 8.1 available in 26,743 Rs because of its great features.

Nokia 6 Camera resolution

Nokia 6 has 33% more megapixels than Nokia 8.1. More resolution means better the quality of the picture and video.

Nokia 6.1 FM radio

One of the great features of Nokia 6.1 is for radio lovers that it supports FM radio with best audio signals and best voice streng


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