Pakistan Citizen Portal: How will it change people trust on Gov. & PM Imran Khan?”

Pakistan Citizen Portal: How will it change people trust on Gov. & PM Imran Khan?”

Prime Minister Imran Khan has been elected for his slogan of bringing change in the mindset of society and leaders. His launch of Pakistan Citizen Portal according to him is his first step towards his promise of transforming and building a corruption-free Pakistan.

Pakistan citizen portal mobile app

Benefits of Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal is an application (currently available in android only) in your mobile phone, where people can register their complaints and suggestion against government officials, ministries and departments. Citizens can also send emails, letters or telephone calls to record their queries and feedback. All complaints will be registered and will automatically reach the concerned department and time duration of 10 days will be given to government officials to respond to the highlighted issue. Through this program, the general public will have their say in government affairs and government officials will be held accountable. Around 4000 government officials are connected through this portal. All the working of the portal will be monitored by PM office.

Pakistan citizen portal mobile app


will it change people trust?

The public has lots of expectation from the current government, survival of government is only possible if they fulfil their promises. According to Prime Minister, this is the first step towards “Naya Pakistan”. People are very disappointed with previous politicians and leaders, who misused power and resources for their own gains and are never held accountable. Maybe this current step of government brings back that trust of people on government and its employees.

This portal would only be successful if it acts according to its commitment and public opinion and concerns are visible in the government decision. For the first time in History of Pakistan any such measure has been taken where government and general public comes in direct contact and public opinion is given priority. With the use of modern technology, PM can bring back the trust of the masses.

Change is now inevitable and the government has to perform to bring prosperity in Nation and to bring back the faith of people. People have mixed opinion regarding this portal and still confused about the performance of the current government. If this portal acted according to its commitment, then maybe it is that first step towards the change, we were waiting for years.

How to install Pakistan Citizen Portal?

You can install Pakistan citizen portal at your mobile. Click below link and install on your android mobile phone.

How to use Pakistan Citizen Portal Mobile App?

Watch below video for the information on how to install it


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