Samsung Foldable Mobile has been launched how It’s Revolutionary?

Samsung Foldable Mobile has been launched how It’s Revolutionary?

Samsung mobiles finally revealed their upcoming Samsung foldable mobile phone in Samsung Developers Conference, which includes “One UI”, “Infinity Flex Display” and “Bixby digital assistant”. The exact specification or other details were not shared, only a brief display was done. Infinity Flex Display resembles somewhat with Chinese Royale Flex Pai. It’s a foldable device, opens up like a book with the display inside. It has a small display towards the outer sider as well which allows you to see the display when folded. The phone once opened can be used as a tab with7.3” display. There is a lot of difference of portability and usage between Infinity Flex Display and Royale FlexPai.

Samsung Foldable Mobile Phone

Samsung Foldable mobile One UI

Samsung mobiles and Google collaboration resulted in One UI phone. The phone is also a foldable device with a display inside and outside, allowing 3 applications to be opened at the same time making maximum use of the large screen. The device is customer friendly with important stuff at the bottom of the display for easy usage.



Samsung Foldable mobile launch date

The production of the device will begin in an upcoming month, there is no official date announced yet. This time Samsung came up with a protective layer of polymer instead of glass for display. In order to make the phone durable, as it will be open and close much time, Samsung used a special kind of bonding agent which will maintain the stick-ability of the phone. To compete with smartphone thickness was important, so the new One UI is thinner like any other smartphone. We are still waiting for the release of One UI.

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