Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors about model design

Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors about model design

The news about Samsung galaxy S10 emerges with information which we get from lots of sources. Many news conflicts with each other. but it will be all clear about that news on 20 February when this Samsung phone is launch.

From a reliable source, Compare Raja has confirmed this list of features. The galaxy S10 and S10 Plus both have ultrasonic displays with the fingerprint sensor on the back. The phone is available in black, white, blue and in green colour. Only the S10plus has dual selfie camera.

The galaxy S10 Lite will use a standard side sensor and also available in yellow colour. The galaxy S10E name may be in future is AT&T to match its 5G E network, which is not the 5G network and the S10E cannot connect to anyone. It may be in the next few years that Samsung mobiles launch its new phone with the 5G feature.


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