Samsung is launching Under-Display Selfie Camera in 2019 (New Technology)

Samsung is launching Under-Display Selfie Camera in 2019 (New Technology)

After Apple’s new IPhoneX, that has new mind-blowing features like Retina display, the absence of a home button, the enhanced camera with dual lens on the back, increased battery life and wireless charging. Since then there has been a war ignited among the mobile industry, that every other company is on their verge of introducing new features on their smartphones. Everyone is on their head over heals to bring something new to the market that has never been even heard before, that will blow people’s mind out.

Samsung VS Apple

As Samsung has always been the Apple’s biggest rival and is competing Apple since 2011 when Apple first sued Samsung for violating their intellectual property as its trademarks, styles and copyright for which Samsung countersued Apple. After a few days and filed complaint against them and the war still goes on. Now each company wants to be best than the other in every aspect.

Samsung VS Apple battle


As we all know that Samsung mobile company’s panels are always known to be best amongst smartphone industry that even Google, Apple and Xiaomi are known to be using their boards and besides this Samsung mobile price in Pakistan is too reasonable and affordable along with the best features.

Samsung Under Display Selfie Camera

Now Samsung company is working on their panels, they are going to introduce new panels similar to AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) panel and they might be introducing under panel sensor that is going to help to place front- selfie camera under the phones display similar to the fingerprint sensor that’s already under display. The panel is going to be see-through having a camera beneath the screen they might be going to replace every hardware unit.

Samsung Under-Display Selfie Camera

Although we can’t call this idea new, as a Japanese company JDI has already done that earlier, but the idea to place front camera beneath the screen display and making it completely Basel free is going to be a breakthrough in smartphone’s industry.

Samsung Under-Display Selfie Camera

Will Galaxy S10 Have the Basel-less Display?

But Samsung company is not going to introduce this feature in Samsung galaxy S10 as its release is only a few months away, and they are still on the early stages of this under display camera panel, it might take them few years to make it and bring that into the market.

samsung galaxy S10 mobile

Now they are going to introduce fingerprint sender beneath the display, dual front camera, a 3D sensing camera for face recognition and a bigger screen and they will be using a cheaper optical sensor, so it’s expecting to be less costly and more efficient that’s the first rule to success successful business development, so till then have patience and keep checking our website for all the latest news regarding technology.


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