Samsung plans to integrate Galaxy S and Noteline with Galaxy S10

Samsung plans to integrate Galaxy S and Noteline with Galaxy S10

Samsung will introduce three versions of Galaxy S10:

According to the Korean media The Bail, Vice Chairman of Samsung Jay Lee is thinking about integrating the family of their own mainstream flagship Galaxy S Flag Ship and S pen Galaxy Note. There are many reasons that the company’s decision is correct. The first reason is that these Chinese Companies are delivering cheaper and mid range devices. That’s why it has attracted too many Samsung users. The users who buy Flag Ship devices are worried about the rise in prices.


Last year many people wanted to buy Galaxy Note 8 but they did not understand any reason on which they prefer Note 8 on Galaxy S8 Plus.  If this year is not best for Note 9, then this can also be done with Note 9 and S9 Plus. There are reports that Samsung has targeted a target of selling 12 Million units this year. Last year, the target of Galaxy Note 8 was 11 millions.

The first reports came that Samsung mobile will introduce the 3 versions of Galaxy S10 in which screen of Galaxy S10 will grew up. It seems that Samsung Galaxy S10 will include other features of Note devices. That’s why customers would like to get Galaxy S10. It will also introduce a cheapest S10 for some customers but customers of Note will prefer S10 Plus. If Samsung integrate the Note or S Line then Samsung will be able to save money by development, designing and manufacturing. If Flagship Line will better then the incoming Galaxy can also be improved.


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