Top 5 Cheapest Ufone Internet Packages 2018

Top 5 Cheapest Ufone Internet Packages 2018


Ufone is a telecom cellular service provider in Pakistan. Ufone was founded in 2001 and totally controlled by Pakistani telecommunication company. Ufone have 24 million users and have access over 10,000 sites across Pakistan. We are living in a hyper fast technological world where communication with each other is made easier by Ufone cellular services.

Ufone offers highly operative and subsidiary internet packages that allows Ufone users to communicate flawlessly. Ufone possess upper quality network that helps to improve voice connectivity of their customers. Ufone currently launched its Upaisa Debit card that shows its innovative struggle to attract more customers. Ufone is committed to provide quality network and show effective ways to serve their customers every second.

Top 5 Cheapest Ufone Internet Packages 2018

  To bucket up with unlimited Ufone net packages get up and have a look on latest Ufone 3G/4G internet packages. Ufone offers everything you want within affordable rates and desirable time. You will get hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly Ufone net packages.

  • Ufone Power Hour

Ufone Pakistan offers power hour full of features. You can get 60MBs, 60 on-net minutes and 60 SMS for one hour only with 6Rs. Ufone offers unlimited talk and messaging only for 6Rs, get your offer now by subscribe to *99#.

  • Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer

Ufone daily Pakistan offer, has 10MB internet and 100 on-net minutes. Get this Ufone net package by spending 18Rs. and call to your friends and family non-stop. You can call on-net to your friends only in Pakistan. To activate this offer dial *880#. And to check offer status dial *8880#.

  • Ufone Daily Light 3G Bundle

Get Daily light 3G bundle spend 10Rs and get 40MBs. You can enjoy this exclusive Ufone offer for one day. At the same time, on the next day the bundle will be expired. You can reactivate it by *2256#. Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp are the freebies with this daily light bundle.

  • Ufone 3day 3G Package

Get 100MBs for 30 days. This SMS bucket is for all prepaid customers. You can get this services by dialing *3350#. Spend only 25Rs and use non-stop Ufone 3G internet package. You can get this unlimited offer is you are a Ufone daily subscriber or if new, then also there is no issue. Just activate your Ufone telecom identity and start browsing non-top.

  • Ufone Weekly Light 3G Package

Ufone internet Packages offer weekly Light 3G Package with only 50Rs. You will get 250MBs with free WhatsApp calls through this weekly bucket. Dial *7811# to activate this 3G Ufone net package on your hand set. This package is valid for only 7days and you can reactivate this once its previous limit will diminishes.


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