Top 5 richest Businessman of Pakistan in 2018

Top 5 richest Businessman of Pakistan in 2018

Although Pakistanis are not in the list of world’s richest businessmen, there are still some Pakistanis who are earning in billions of dollars. No doubt Pakistan has 29.5% population below the poverty line, but again, there are some individuals who are lucky and talented enough to be on the top 5 richest businessmen of Pakistan list.

So we are going to be listing Pakistan’s top 5 richest Businessman in the year 2018.

Top 5 richest businessmen of Pakistan

Asif Ali Zardari

5th richest businessman of Pakistan

[Net Worth 1.8 Billion Dollars]

Asif Ali Zardari, Ex-president of Pakistan, Co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party is at rank five on the list of Pakistan’s Top 5 most prosperous businessman with Net Worth of around 1.8 Billion dollars. Apart from being a politician, he is a landlord too.

4. Malik Riaz Hussain

malik riaz 4rth richest businessman in Pakistan

[Net Worth 2 Billion dollars]

Malik Riaz, A Pakistani citizen, is an owner of Bahria town project (known to be the biggest project amongst entire Asia). Malik Riaz has a Net Worth of 2 Billion dollars. He is also known as biggest property dealer of Pakistan.

3. Mian Muhammad Mansha

3. Mian Muhammad Mansha 3rd richest businessman of Pakistan

 [Net Worth 2.6 Billion dollars]

Mian Muhammad Mansha, a Pakistani resident, is known to be the 3rd richest businessman in Pakistan. He has a Net Worth of 2.6 Billion dollars, has also rewarded with Star of Excellence by Pervaiz Musharaf in the year 2014. He is the owner of Nishat textile mills which his father started as cotton ginning business.

2. Anwar Parvez

Anwar Parvez 2nd richest businessman of Pakistan

[Net Worth 3.4 Billion dollars]

Sir Mohammad Anwar Pervez, known to be the 2nd richest businessman in Pakistan, is having Net Worth of 3.4 Billion dollars. He was born in Pakistan and moved to the UK when he was 21. He is a great businessman and founder of Pakistan’s Cement factory (Best Way)  and is known to be an owner of  more than 50 Cash and Carries across Pakistan

1. Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan number 1 richest businessman of Pakistan

[Net Worth 8.7 Billion dollars]

Shahid Khan, born in Pakistan and now residing in America, known to be Pakistan No.1 richest businessman. He was born in Lahore, belongs to an essential middle-class family. Starting from the worker at Flex-N-Gate he now is the owner of flex-N Gate, Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham football club and has a Net Worth of 8.7 Billion dollars.

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