Ufone Internet Packages 3G & 4G of 2020 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Ufone Internet Packages 3G & 4G of 2020 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Ufone is Pakistani Cellular Provider Company. It has always taken care of its customers and provided then uninterrupted service at reasonable rates. It has more than 24 million subscribers and provides coverage in more than 10,000 locations. Mobile which was initially used to communicate but now it is your diary, your library, your music store, your alarm clock and the list go on. To enjoy all these facilities you need a good and economical network, which can be no other than Ufone. We will discuss Ufone internet packages.

After the introduction of 3G to the mobile phone, it has changed the mobile world. Ufone is constantly trying to improve the life of its customers by offering economical and different 3G mobile internet packages, available at the same time, designed to meet your needs. Now we look at Ufone internet Packages you can subscribe for daily or monthly packages.

Ufone daily internet Packages


There are four options in daily packages

PackagesVolumeValidityPriceHow to Subscribe
Special Daily50Mb + 500Mb(WhatsApp, facebook, twitter,line)1AM-9AMRs.5-/*3461#
Daily Light40Mb + 500Mb(WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, line)01 DayRs.10/-*2256#
Mega Internet2 GB1AM-8AMRs.12/-*550#
Daily Heavy75Mb + 500Mb(WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, line)1DayRs.15/-*2258#


Ufone Special daily package:

This offer is Valid from 1 AM _9PM in Rs5 for 50MB

Ufone daily internet packages

Ufone Daily light Package:

This offer is valid for 1day in Rs10 for 40MB

Ufone Mega Internet Package

This is valid from 1 AM – 8 AM in Rs12 for 2GB

Ufone Daily heavy Package

This is valid for 1day in Rs15 for 75MB

All these internet packages can be easily availed by calling at *3# and you can avail your packages that suit your time and interest.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone has been working in Pakistan since 2001 with PTCL and was later taken over by Etisalat. It has always provided valuable service with the best technology and that too at affordable rates. The Internet has now become a daily requirement and every network is trying to provide its customers with easy access and lower rates possible.

Ufone has successfully done that, it has the most attractive 4g and 3G internet packages with unlimited supply. Ufone takes special care of its customer, internet quality is excellent and internet packages have bundles of the offer.

They provide free use of social media application like WATS app, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The packages are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can choose according to your requirement and budget but you can’t get better options than Ufone. Here we will see a few Ufone monthly packages:

Ufone Monthly Light package:

ufone monthly light package

This is a very attractive package that can be used up to one month for just Rs250; it offers 2GB of the internet and extra 2GB for social media apps.

Ufone Monthly Heavy package

This is the most used package; it also has 30 days validity for Rs500: it offers 3GB of the internet and extra 2 GB for social media apps.

Ufone Monthly Max Package

ufone monthly max package

This is also another monthly internet package that provides 10GB internet at Rs1000 and extra 2GB for social media apps.

Once the bucket is fully consumed, charging will be done according to normal tariff i.e. Rs250 per MB. They satisfy customer needs. Buckets are highly recommended and satisfy customer needs. Bucket costumers are provided with many other facilities as well. These buckets are only valid for pre-paid users. Normally buckets are provided with fast speed but speed also depends on the place, time, web page opened etc. All prices are inclusive of taxes.

Cheapest Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone is one of the most famous internet service providers; this is due to their cheap ufone internet packages. Ufone has wide network system and its service is covering 10000 regions of Pakistan. It provides roaming services in more than 122 countries. The company is improving its service quality day by day. That’s why it is known as Core Company in the telecom industry of Pakistan.

Ufone internet packages are most used bundles due to their low rates and high quality. Few of Ufone offers are really economical; it offers packages on daily, weekly or even hourly basis and cater to all kind of users, one such bundle is Content Bundle. It is the cheapest package available not only in Ufone network but when compared to other networks as well. There are four categories in this bundle which are a special attraction for students and youngsters.

Ufone Social daily Bundle

The bundle has validity for 1 day at the minimal rate of Rs5and it gives 1OOMB.

Ufone Daily chat Package

This offers validity for 1 day at the rate of Rs5 with chat 500 MB and 10000 SMS free

Ufone Streaming bundle

This package is valid for only 1 hour at the minimal rate of Rs8 and gives 500MB.

 Ufone Social bundle

This is valid for 30 days in Rs50 and gives 1 GB of internet

Ufone has 24 customer centres that are there to solve your problems and gives you the best suggestion.

Ufone 3 Day Package

Ufone is offering 3 Day Bucket which has validity for 3 days and gives 500MB for social media apps and 200MB for another internet usage at a minimal rate of Rs25.

PackagesVolumeValidityPriceHow to Subscribe
3 Day Bucket100Mb + 500 Mb ( WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, line)3DaysRs.25/-*3350#

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Ufone is providing service to its customers since decades and it has become mobile users’ first choice due to its best quality and competitive rates. Those who are using mobile internet Ufone has some very attractive packages for them.

Ufone internet packages are available on hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis. Ufone does not compromise on quality and it’s the best return for your money. You won’t find connectivity issues while using 3G or 4G internet packages.

PackagesVolumeValidityPriceHow to Subscribe
Weekly Light250Mb + 2GB (WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, line)7DaysRs.50/-*7811#
Super Internet1.2 GB7DaysRs.100*220#


Ufone is offering three very attractive for weekly usage which is convenient and affordable for many users.


Ufone Weekly light package

is a package which has validity for 7 days and it provides 2GB +250MB at the rate of Rs50.

Ufone Super internet Bundle

is also valid for 1 week and gives 1.2GB at the rate of Rs50.

The weekly Internet offer

This is also valid for7 days and gives 3GB at the rate of Rs150.

All these bundle offers are for pre-paid costumers. Ufone is the most economical company so far, you won’t regret trying it.

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