Ufone SMS Packages 2018 – Daily, weekly & Monthly

Ufone SMS Packages 2018 – Daily, weekly & Monthly

Ufone is one of the best Pakistan’s Telecommunication company, which is always satisfying it’s customer’s needs by providing them with good connectivity, clear signals, wide coverage and fine voice quality. Ufone has been one of the best cellular service providers and trying it’s best to cover every possible area and provide them with their service. Ufone’s main Aim is to keep Pakistan connected and they are offering the best cost-effective packages for their user’s convenience.


ufone SMS packages are known to the most efficient and cost-effective with minimum tax amongst other network providers.

Below is the list of Ufone SMS packages in details in which you can find the Package most suitable to you.

Sr. No.PackagesFree SmsValidity periodPriceSubscription code
1.Daily Package.1,60024 HoursRs 4.77-/*605# or simply Sms ‘Sub’ to 605
2.Fortnightly Package10,50014 DayRs 35.85/-*603# or simply Sms ‘Sub’ to 603
3.Unlimited Package21,00030 DaysRs95.6/-*607# or simply Sms ‘Sub’ to 607
4.Yearly Sms PackageUnlimited*One yearRs 795.87/-*601# or simply Sms ‘Sub’ to 601
5.Weekly Sms bucket1,25007 DaysRs 11.95/-*608# or simply Sms ‘Sub’ to 608
6.45 Day Sms Bucket31,00045 DaysRs 118.31/-*614# or simply Sms ‘Sub’ to 614


ufone sms packages 2018

ufone sms packages 2018

Daily Sms Package


There are Ufone users which gives you 1,600 Sms for 24 Hours in just Rs 4.77-/. This can be subscribed by simply dialling *605# or Sms ‘Sub’ to 605

Fortnightly Package

Fortnightly package which provides you 10,500 Sms for 14 Days in just Rs 35.85/- You can subscribe to this package by simply dialling *603# or simply Sms ‘Sub’ to 603.

Unlimited Package

This Ufone SMS Package 2018 package provides you  21,000 Sms for 30 Days in just Rs95.6/-. Which can be subscribed by dialling *607# or simply Sms ‘Sub’ to 607.

Yearly Sms Package

Ufone yearly SMS package gives you Unlimited* Sms for an entire year in just Rs 795.87/-  by can be subscribed by dialling *601# or you can simply Sms ‘Sub’ to 601.

Ufone Weekly SMS bucket

Ufone weekly SMS package gives you 1,250  Sms for 07 Days in just Rs 11.95/- which can be subscribed by dialling *608# or you can simply Sms ‘Sub’ to 608.

45 Day Sms Bucket

This package gives you 31,000  Sms for 45 Days in just Rs 118.31/-  which can be subscribed by simply dialling *614# or you can Sms ‘Sub’ to 614.

There’s also 2-in-1 SMS offer for your family or loved ones living abroad. It provides you 5000 local Sms and 50 International SMS for three days in just Rs. 9.99 + tax which can be simply subscribed by Dialing *615#.

  • Fair Usage policy of 110,000 Sms is applied to Yearly Sms Package.
  • Weekly Sms Bucket is only Valid for Uth Package Customers.
  • You can subscribe to these packages by simply entering the given codes or you visit your nearest retailer too or it can also be subscribed through “My Ufone App

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