Who is the best Pakistani mobile price website ( Whatmobile.com.pk VS ViewPackages.com )


Let’s talk about the best Pakistani mobile price website and here I will compare 2 websites of Pakistan whatmobile.com.pk and viewpackages.com. Although they both are pretty good in their ways of providing information about the recent or oldest mobile phones like their price, specifications, what’s new and why we should or shouldn’t buy it.


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Who is a better mobile website in Pakistan?

Everyone has their own different opinions but talking about my opinion, I believe View packages is a better website as they have their unique way of putting everything you need to know under one roof and is more reliable. It also provides you all the authentic information of Mobiles you need to know and has arranged its website in a really organised manner in a better and smoother way, you don’t really have to dig deep into things as everything here has stated clearly. They have their contents categorised in different sections by Brand, specifications, Model and latest Price in Pakistan.


ViewPackages unique features which whatmobile don’t have:

  • Has online shopping websites prices for mobile
  • Has used and new mobile prices of 200+ cities
  • Can find nearby shop mobile prices
  • Every mobile Has mobile reviews, advantage and disadvantages etc.
  • It also has video reviews of each mobile from top Tech YouTubers
  • Has specification scores, group ranking and overall mobile rankings
  • Has price history of each mobile
  • Can compare any two mobiles
  • Top 10 mobiles of each mobile brands


Also, view packages keep updating their site regularly, and also the thing is like the most about their website is they always keep the latest image of the phone so that you can have the better idea about the phone from that.

Also, viewpackages has very few adds as compared to whatmobile, so you don’t get distracted or get offended while browsing on this website so yeah that’s a positive point about it.




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