Why Samsung Mobiles are most lovable than Nokia Mobiles in Pakistan?

Why Samsung Mobiles are most lovable than Nokia Mobiles in Pakistan?

Undoubtedly, Samsung is a most potent and highly demanded mobile by Pakistani people. People mostly use Samsung due to its advanced, outstanding, exclusive and ever loveable features. Along with quality Samsung mobiles somehow available at affordable prices in Pakistan. Nokia mobiles are also under demand, but this demand is at the 4th as compared to Samsung Mobiles.

Samsung mobiles made a special place in customers hearts but Samsung mobile price in Pakistan is high that is the reason Samsung Mobiles reached the heights since they launch the Galaxy series.  Samsung aims to achieve their customers with quality not by doing other strategies like lower prices, Sale rates, attractive adds, etc.

Samsung phones have decent features with variable prices in Pakistan. The stylish designs of the Samsung mobiles that differentiate between Nokia and Samsung phones. But on the way, Nokia is popular among people due to its lowest rates. But don’t they think about quality. Nokia is the best phone for those have a limited budget, and those don’t care about quality as well. But people, have now how mobile telephones mostly prefer Samsung mobiles. Samsung is termed as leader of cellular mobiles in Pakistan. To pace their phones among larger audience Samsung phones now tapping towards the low rates as well.

Samsung Mobiles Vs. Nokia Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

The galaxy J6 is most important when comes into mobiles. This Samsung mobile is having a 14.22cm display, 8.2mm slim and weighs about 154grams. Possessing battery life of 3000mAh and have 32GM memory space. The original 13MP camera captures real and clear images so far. Samsung mobiles offer this galaxy J6 with 27,500PKR. The design is most exclusive and unique as well.

Nokia 6 is launched in 2018 by Nokia cellular phones in Pakistan. This model comes with 5.5inch touch display with 630 processors. Nokia 6 having 60% battery life allows you to spend more time with your friends. The prices of Nokia 6 mobiles in Pakistan are 31,500PKR. The upgradable feature of Nokia 6 is that it is more secure than previous Nokia models and offering google innovations.

Now, according to features innovations and prices offered by both mobiles, we can have concluded that Samsung mobiles in Pakistan are better then Nokia mobiles in every sense discussed. Samsung introduces the number of features in one innovation and with reasonable prices while Nokia mobile networks only enter some google upgrades and offer the highest rates ever.


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